Ergonomics In the Workplace

Ergonomics In the Workplace

All employers want maximum output from their employees. That’s why a lot of emphasis has been placed on creating an office environment that enhances workflow and productivity. But even the most well-thought-out office space solution can’t fix the issues that arise when an employee sits for eight-hours a day in an uncomfortable chair that doesn’t conform to their body, and in fact can cause musculoskeletal disorders. A fully integrated workplace solution includes the principles of well-being through the use of ergonomic office furniture.

So what is ergonomics? It’s the study of how to improve efficiency and comfort in their working environment. And why ergonomics? When correct ergonomic design and furniture are in place, employees are more comfortable, which usually leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity. Long-term that means fewer absences from work due to medical issues and less job turnover.

An ergonomic chair can truly change the life of the user. What was once an instrument of torture can become a thing of pure bliss. A well-designed chair can ensure an employee’s body is properly aligned to reduce stress on the spine, neck and hips. A chair should be adjustable to a person’s height so that their feet are flat on the floor and their knees are at a 90-degree angle parallel to their hips.

Here are the five must-have items for a fully ergonomic workstation:

1. Task chair – Find the chair that fits your body. Adjustable armrests, adjustable height, lumbar support and neck support.

2. Articulating keyboard support – Keyboard supports help prevent wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Task Light – A good task light helps with viewing hard copy documents and can also help prevent computer glare.

4. Monitor arms – These devices are great for both monitors and laptops. They raise your device to the perfect viewing height plus free up valuable desktop space.

5. Sit/Stand desks – Adjustable workstations are growing in popularity and for good reason. Research shows that standing for just 15 minutes every hour enhances productivity and boosts circulation.

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