Commercial Office Furniture Solutions

At Commercial Environments, we take the time to learn your business so we can deliver solutions that are both innovative and functional. We consider all the ways in which furniture is to be utilized, taking the people, their function and the space into consideration.

Commercial Furniture Solution In a Children's Hospital Environment


As an established corporation, we understand that you will need to set an original tone for your company. Corporations are constantly growing and evolving and Commercial Environments can make this process easier with many of our available services. Whether you are relocating, opening a new office or branch, or simply outgrowing your current space, we can provide an easy solution for you. Whether it’s traditional, modern, or somewhere in the middle, we can help you find the right office furniture to reinforce your company’s brand and values, while creating the best impression for your clients. Commercial Environments offers tailored solutions that are both functional and flexible to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of corporate life, while keeping the bottom line in mind. We understand that corporations require a diverse array of office furniture; you need to furnish your reception area, collaborative work spaces, private offices, conference rooms, break rooms, and training areas. We can help you find the right products to suit every area in your company.

Office Spaces that Establish Your Company’s Brand and Values

Custom Furniture Solutions that Ensure Patient Comfort and Safety


Commercial Environments specializes in providing commercial office furniture solutions designed specifically to address the needs of acute care hospitals and physician’s offices. When it comes to healthcare facilities, whether a full-service hospital or a dentist, optometrist, chiropractor, or other physician’s office, we study the unique situation facing our client and deliver a customized solution that is both innovative and functional. We specialize in providing office furniture that ensures the comfort, health and safety of patients while creating a productive and efficient workspace for staff. Our custom furniture is designed to withstand the 24/7 use necessary in a healthcare environment and is supportive, comfortable and easy to clean to ensure the safest and most relaxing environment for patients.


Commercial Environments is a leader in providing financial institutions furniture that is uniquely customized to their specific needs. From establishing a positive first impression for customers in the lobby or receiving area, to providing furniture that is stylish and functional for tellers, support staff and executives. Commercial Environments has extensive experience in the financial industry having provided furniture solutions for numerous financial institutions. From very traditional to ultra-modern designs, Commercial Environments can not only ensure that you have the furniture that best suits your business, but is also a good representation of the brand image you want to portray.

Furniture for Financial Institutions to Establish the Brand Image You Wish to Portray

Custom Furniture Designs Suited to the Unique Needs of a Higher Educational Environment

Higher Education

Creating spaces that help students focus and learn while ensuring the comfort and flexibility of educational environments is our specialty at Commercial Environments. We understand the needs of educational institutions and will create custom designs suited to the flexible and dynamic environment at universities and other educational institutions without sacrificing comfort or style. Whether you are looking for modern, modular furniture perfect for lobbies and study spaces, or more traditional pieces for offices and conference rooms, Commercial Environments can customize a design that fits your needs and floor plan. An educational space requires a unique set of solutions to deliver the support, comfort, and focus students and teachers need whether they are working in groups, listening to lectures or interacting with instructors. Our furniture and designs are created to adapt to the changing needs of an educational environment throughout the day.


Commercial Environments can source GSA (Government Services Administration) approved products from numerous manufacturers. And, as a select Kimball Select Dealer, DBA Kimball Office holds a contract with General Services Administration Federal Supply Service for the supply of office furniture on its GSA Multiple Award Schedules.

Pricing to Government agencies is at an agreed-upon discount from list prices, thus sparing the agency the task of shopping for best-value pricing. Open Market purchases and questions, GSA discounts, as well as terms and conditions, can be obtained by GSA Servicing Office Furniture Dealers who can assist with the specification, order process and installation services.

Office Furniture Sourcing and Solutions for Government Agencies