Jolt Give Away

Jolt Give Away

How many times have you swiped your phone to make an important call or send an important text only to see the battery fully drained?

Going to a meeting to present concepts, but your tablet is low on power?

Interrupted while listening to your favorite track because of low battery?

Not anymore – Easily give your devices a “Jolt” that powers them back up in a jiffy!

What can you expect from the Jolt?

  • Lightweight and convenient – The Jolt USB charger can be fixed to laminate, veneer, solid surfaces or glass tops without the aid of additional tools or equipment.  Simply attach it the surface, plug in the device using the UL listed power adapter with 10-inch cord, and it begins charging right away. It can quickly power up a variety of devices like phones, tablets, etc.
  • It works on both iOS and Android gadgetsStatus indicator – when the blue light is glowing you know for sure the USB connectors are powering.
  • Sleek but capable of delivering up to 2 amps per port.
  • Wide compatibility – it charges devices that work with USB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 (Type A).


Jolt into Spring – here’s your chance to win the Jolt USB charger!

We are giving away 5 Jolt chargers to 5 lucky winners.

To participate, just LIKE or SHARE this post – spread the word around for others to get “Jolted”!

The drawing will take place the 23rd of May, so stay tuned and check our page on a regular basis for more updates till then.

Like or share today and good luck to you!