Humanize the Workplace

Humanize the Workplace

For a business to remain competitive and attract top-notch talent, their office design needs to reflect not only the culture of the company, but the individual needs and work demands of the employees they hire. Companies can no longer get away with workspaces that don’t promote productivity and communication and instead are crammed with bland, boring cubicles.

Office space planning is critical when it comes to “humanizing” the workplace. The ultimate solution is to foster collaboration between employees, while still maintaining a happy medium where privacy doesn’t disappear altogether. There will always be workers who crave their peace and quiet.

In order to achieve such a result, job roles, social structure, technological needs, furniture requirements and space limitations must all be examined. You don’t want to put someone whose job requires them to be on the phone consistently next to a number cruncher.

In this era of employee centric workspaces, much more emphasis is placed on common areas and multi-functional work spaces within the office. This promotes interaction, trust and empowerment amongst the workforce.

Office furniture also plays a significant role. Materials, finishes, and furniture choices say a lot about the vibe you’re wanting to portray. Many commercial furniture manufacturers offer lines that are highly functional but suggest a less formal atmosphere.

Like a math equation or a puzzle, the more data you have, the easier it is to reach a solution, and that solution is to provide a better “human” experience for everyone. At the end of the day, it makes for a happier, more productive day at the office!

The workspace needs to reflect the needs and demands of the employees
Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the workplace