Creating Hygge for the Workplace

Creating Hygge for the Workplace

Hygge (prounounced hoo-ga) is the Danish concept of creating joy and coziness in life’s everyday moments. Hygge is a state of mind. The state of being present in your environment, and having your home reflect the fact that it’s filled with family, friends and history.

Recently we have seen this concept of home and coziness shift and filter over into corporate, hospitality and healthcare design. More and more our workspaces are becoming places of comfort and ease as well as productivity.

As a Kimball Select Dealer, we love that Kimball embraced this concept of design in their Chicago showroom, naming it sophisticozy™.

There are several elements that can help create a sense of Hygge in a space:

– Soft Lighting | Warm soft lighting and/or fixtures that create a sense of home.

– Cozy Furniture | Whether it’s a couch clients can sink into or a chair where they feel comfortable putting their feet up, furniture that invites clients and customers to stay in comfort for a while are at the heart of hygge design.

– Neutral tones | Neutral, calming tones add a sense of ease and consistency to a space.

– Soft and Lush Textiles | Texture is such an important element of hygge, which you see anywhere from soft upholstery to extra throw pillows and blankets.

Now that you’re aware of hygge you’ll see it everywhere from hotel lobbies, waiting rooms and collaboration spaces. Whether it’s Hygge or sophisticozy™, we think the idea of designing with comfort in mind will stay on trend for some time to come.

Comfort and ease in the workplace is the hallmark of Hygge.
Hygge is the Danish concept of creating coziness, and it's filtering over into the corporate world.
Is it an apartment or is it an office? This is the new modern workspace and Hygge is a huge part of this concept of home and coziness that's shifting into the corporate setting.