4 Ways to Declutter Your Workspace

4 Ways to Declutter Your Workspace

One of our primary goals as a business is to help our clients be more productive and efficient and this often starts with the workspace; and today’s topic focuses on 4 ways to declutter your workspace. A neat and clutter free office can improve the overall mood and feel of a space. Not to mention, having an organized office can protect valuable data and prohibit multiple purchases of the same supplies. Decluttering is the act of getting rid of unnecessary objects within the office. If done right, we promise it can be fun and easy!

Decluttering not only affects employees but clients as well. When a customer walks into an office they want to see organization and cleanliness. An organized office will ensure that your customers will trust you and respect your responsibility. Follow these steps for an easy and stress-free decluttering session.

Re-evaluate What’s Important

Make a list of what you use and what you don’t. There is no point in hoarding unused items. We recommend starting decluttering on a Monday because there’s something satisfying about beginning the week with organization.

Hit the Drawers

Drawers are often a place for hiding unused items. Let’s face it, we all have a junk drawer. Get rid of ALL unwanted items; you don’t need all those sugar packets from when you’ve run out for a must-have coffee. Use dividers and labels to start categorizing useful items that you want to keep.

Implement a Clean Desk Policy

Organization goes beyond the initial declutter purge and needs to become a discipline. After all the effort you’ve put into organizing your workspace, you will want to keep your desk looking clean. Use post-it notes, folders and binders to keep all information easily accessible. Encourage employees to spend the last 30 minutes of their Friday clearing off their desk to start again fresh on Monday.

Storage Solutions

We’re all about solutions, after all we are the office space planning experts! Having storage solutions that are modern, efficient and easy are key to staying on top of organization. We’d love to set up a time to talk about what solutions will be best for your company.

Sleek and modern storage solutions make it easy to stay organized and keep the clutter to a minimum
An organized, clutter-free office helps you be more productive and organized