10 Ways to Update Your Workplace

10 Ways to Update Your Workplace

Paint | Sometimes the simple answer is the best answer. Paint alone can drastically update a dated workspace. Looking to add more light? Use white paint to help reflect natural light into the area. Use an accent wall to create an area of interest or highlight a piece of artwork.

Furniture| We can all spot outdated office furniture when we see it. It’s like walking into your Grandmother’s house and she still has the plastic on her couch. Updated furniture doesn’t only update the look of your space, but it can also update the way your space functions. We pride ourselves on helping our clients determine which pieces are going to streamline their workflow and support their employees in daily tasks.

Add Greenery | Simply adding plants can refresh an office space, not to mention encourage office wellness. This can be as simple as potted plants on desks or shelves, as advanced as creating a desk divider with a long strip of potted plants, or a wall of vegetation.

Get Transparent | Break down traditional wall barriers and add in glass or transparent elements to open the office up. This style is a great in between if you want more light and collaboration but still need privacy for employees talking on the phone or holding meetings.

Open Concept | Gone are the days of the box cubicle, especially in industries that are based on knowledge, service and creativity. Opening up the office space encourages collaboration and productivity. If you still need some privacy you can install dividers or semi-cubicles instead of open desks or tables.

Collaborative Spaces | Not ready to completely open up your office space but still want a better space for collaboration? Pick an area or room in your office space to turn into an equal collaboration area. Everyone is treated as an equal and can brainstorm in a supported atmosphere here. You can create a space for large group discussion, a booth for four to six people for smaller group discussion and one stretch of space for solo activities.

Artwork | This is a great way to update an office whether you are a large corporation or a small start-up business. The style of artwork can also be an opportunity to show off your companies’ character and brand. Artwork can range from a mural to small paintings or images.

Lighting Elements | As office spaces have become more open, lighting has become key, not only in providing proper illumination but in helping to define the different areas of a space. Different lighting can affect emotions and influence productivity, as well as bring a fun vibe to the room.

Color Pops | Adding a color palette to a room can make an office less dreary and more exciting, not to mention trigger creativity and increase productivity. Choose a specific color palette for your office if you want to add a range of colors or create a cohesive look. Not sure where to begin with color palettes? We can help. We love discussing the vibe for a space (does it need energy or calm?) with our clients.

Smile | It sounds cheesy but it’s true. The best way to update your office is with an atmosphere of wellness and positivity. When your employees and clients are excited to come into your space and feel comfortable there, it overflows into every aspect of your business. We know that updating your work space in any capacity can seem overwhelming, which is why we are here to help find the perfect solution for you.

New, modern furniture can help update your space plus also streamline your workflow.
Looking to update your workspace? Some updated furniture and streamlining workflow can improve numerous issues, including overall appearance.