Office Furniture Services

From comprehensive full-service workplace solutions to single-space furniture sourcing, Commercial Environments can meet your every need, big or small. We remove the entire burden from you and give you complete peace of mind.

Single-space furniture sourcing or full-service workplace solutions
Office furniture and workplace consultation provided


Commercial Environments offers office furniture and workplace consultation. We work with you to truly understand your workflow and your business, and will help to identify your major goals and objectives in your work environment. Our team will help you plan your new office space or reconfigure an existing space, providing innovative office furniture solutions. After we do our initial consultation, we provide recommendations and budgets for your office space plan.

Space Planning

Our team of experts will evaluate your space and develop a plan that addresses comfort, efficiency, communication, productivity, and effectiveness. We work to understand the relationships between workstations and common areas, job function and productivity, and employee status and departments. This allows us to identify desks, chairs, tables and workplace solutions that transform an office space into an environment that reflects a company’s culture and operational goals. We plan our spaces to assure that workstations and cubicles are adjustable and suited for the task. We locate work teams in convenient proximity, placing equipment, filing cabinets and other storage furniture next to workers who use it the most. We organize each department for the most effective means of communication internally with co-workers and externally with customers. We create spaces to maintain a logical workflow throughout the office.

Our experts evaluate your workplace and develop a solution to maintain logical workflow

Office furniture solutions tailored to your business environment, budget, floor plans and the needs of your employees and customers

Furniture Specifications

Commercial Environments works with the most innovative furniture manufacturers in the world. Based on budget, scheduling, and space requirements, we can tailor a commercial office furniture system for the specific needs of any workplace. Using architectural floor plans, our space planners generate renderings of office furniture configurations and floor plans to demonstrate how the desks, tables, filing cabinets, computer desks, office chairs, workstations/cubicles, etc. affect the organization of a workspace and support the needs of its users. We verify variances such as windows, columns, and other permanent fixtures and ensure that your office furniture is ordered to the precise specifications to accurately manufacture the product on schedule.

Project Management

At Commercial Environments, we manage every project expertly, and we lay out a plan that shows you the big picture early in the planning process so you know what to realistically expect. We oversee all logistics of a project, from space planning to furniture specifications, CAD drawings and renderings, while coordinating with each client’s individual budget and schedule. We remove the burden from you completely providing world-class customer care. We solve problems and resolve issues before your furniture is delivered and make sure that every single aspect from initial development, all the way through installation, is completely managed, delivering you peace of mind as well as a sophisticated and functional workspace. We have years of proven commercial space planning and office furniture specification and installation experience. Our expertise and know-how enable us to work smarter and more efficiently.

Project management with world-class customer care from initial planning through furniture installation

Office furniture installations big and small that are quick and efficient

Furniture Installation

Commercial Environments can handle any office furniture installation big or small. From just a few workstations to hundreds, our crews are highly skilled at assembling and installing office furniture. We provide the right size crew to complete your furniture installation quickly, efficiently and reliably. We inspect and review furniture in advance of the installation process to ensure everything is as it should be. We deal in advance with any parts or configuration issues so that we don’t disrupt your work environment with unnecessary delays. We are proficient in commercial office furniture installation and work swiftly to complete your project so that you experience as little, if any downtime as possible.

Furniture Reconfiguration

In today’s new era of human-centered office spaces, with innovation, technology and rapidly changing amenities, companies must have an office system that is flexible, moveable and changeable in an instant. Having a partner like Commercial Environments, who can reconfigure small to large offices and public spaces in a timely fashion with no disruptions to workflow is paramount. We embrace change and understand evolving space demands from within the corporate climate. Changing your office doesn’t have to involve major construction. Whether it’s one office, a conference room, or an entire building, our team can manage your furniture reconfiguration project effectively, accurately and timely.

Solutions for office furniture reconfiguration that reflect your evolving needs

Temporary or long-term furniture asset management solutions

Asset Management

Commercial Environments understands that office furniture is a big investment. Whether you’re installing new office furniture with us or want to manage existing furniture assets, our inventory management process is designed to provide long-term value. We can manage your furniture assets if needed. Temporary or long-term storage options are available. We will log your entire inventory and ensure that it is safe and secure. We offer furniture warehousing, furniture repair or refurbishment, deployment or disposal of inventory, and asset reporting and analysis. Based on the needs of your business, expectations for growth, or immediate scalability, we can work with you to best determine your office furniture needs. Your inventory is only valuable if you know what’s available and if it’s in a condition that is ready to use.