A Whole New Kimball Health

A Whole New Kimball Health

A Whole New Kimball Health | Healthcare Design 2017
Two weeks ago, designers, architects, manufacturers, and facility planners headed to Orlando for the annual Healthcare Design Conference to gain knowledge on the latest trends in the healthcare industry. Kimball Health took the stage in our biggest show to date, with new products as well as new mindsets to support and challenge today’s healthcare spaces.

“This is an exciting time for Kimball Health, and HCD is a great platform for us to show what we are all about. The paradigm is changing and we are here to push the boundaries, fuel design thinking, implement change, and provide leadership, innovation and knowledge in health and wellness”,
– Aneetha McLellan, Director of Kimball Health Sales, Design and Innovation.

This vision shown in the design of the booth space through the product applications, design and aesthetics.

Pushing the Boundaries
The concept and flow of the booth was focused on a design conversation and more about starting a discussion around new and better healthcare solutions, rather than just showing our latest and greatest product (even though that was an exciting part of the space as well). From the entrance of the booth space, conversations started by pushing boundaries around what the spaces outlined in our booth could actually be. By fueling “design-thinking”, spaces are transformative in the types of applications that can be implemented. At first glance, the environment below could be considered a typical small-scale waiting lounge. But why not a consult space? Or a doctor’s office? By imbedding principles of adaptability, flexibility and mobility, we enable change in the way we think about healthcare spaces; we start designing more innovative, flexible and unique solutions to best fit the needs of today’s ever-changing healthcare facilities.

Alterna – Supporting the Full Facility
Shown in the pictures above and below is one of our most comprehensive exciting launches; Alterna Modular Casework. Alterna is a pivotal introduction for Kimball Health that supports the full facility.

“Modularity, Flexibility and Adaptability are the future of all environments but especially healthcare.”
– Aneetha McLellan, Director of Kimball Health Sales, Design and Innovation.

Alterna is designed with these core drivers in mind and is here to support the current and future needs of today’s facilities with a broad scope of standard models that offer limitless solutions that can be suited to perfectly fit the need of a space including – lounge and waiting spaces, registration, nurse stations, infusion bays, in-room solutions, cafes, administrative areas and more.


Wilder – Design, Simplistic Scale, Comfort and Durability
Another product to highlight is the Wilder family of seating which was previewed at the show. Designed by David Dahl, Wilder is a lounge and guest seating family that is small in scale with aesthetic detailing, while still having a very generous and comfortable seat. With soft rounded shapes and unique wood details, Wilder invited people to sit back and relax. We are looking forward to the full launch of this product in Summer of 2018.


Pairings Health – Changing the Way We Wait
Pairings Health, designed by pL-D was also featured in the space. Pairings Health was developed to address the constraints of today’s waiting places to make the waiting and lounge experience more adaptable, comfortable and productive. This was certainly highlighted in the applications within our space, supporting multiple types of waiting including – individual privacy, family alcoves, open café style seating, as well as small group huddle space. Made with privacy, connectivity, cleanability and comfort in mind, Pairings Health offers components that can be combined to create a broad range of tailored solutions, no matter the volume of space.

Behavioral Health Solutions
Last but not least, we previewed our offering of Behavioral Health solutions. Thoughtfully designed, Spruce and Joelle offer solutions to meet the unique and critical needs of today’s behavioral health facilities with wellness in mind. The single seat lounge in Spruce, paired with multiple sizes of ottomans and tables from Joelle, blend together to create safe environments that are both serene and comfortable. The environment met the necessary safety regulations and embedded weights but were not perceived as sterile and institutional.

Overall, the show was a huge success. Kimball Health is excited about all we learned from HCD and the future of healthcare. We are continually striving to create products and solutions to support environments for better well-being.