Choosing the Right Office Chair for You

Choosing the Right Office Chair for You

Not all office chairs are created equal. That’s a bit of an understatement sure, but it really is worth noting that the office chair you choose should be more than just an afterthought. This single piece of furniture is likely to be the one piece of furniture you will spend the most amount of time physically attached to during your work day. So it matters. A lot.

Chances are if yours is a large office, the main purchase will be task chairs. Consider the following:

-Chairs should provide several adjustable features including the ability to control seat height, backrest tilt and armrest height

-Chairs should allow for some airflow, and stitching and seams should be located where they won’t rub and irritate skin

-Most chairs adjust enough to suit the majority of shapes and sizes, but employees with smaller or larger frames should have options better suited to their needs

Consider the space and use before selecting the chair. Will the chairs be on carpet or a hard-surface? Will they need to move frequently? Is it a collaborative workforce or do workers remain in front of a computer the majority of the day? For employees who remain relatively stationery consider a deeper seat with a higher back and lumbar support. For those who are more active, a chair with a smaller footprint may be more conducive.

Upholstery is another consideration. For the worker who sits for long periods of time mesh promotes airflow and therefore helps keep you cool. Leather is plush and feels good but unfortunately doesn’t breathe as well. Vinyl is a cheaper alternative to leather, but it also lacks airflow. Fabric may be a good choice, especially higher-end fabrics, but keep in mind they can be prone to stains so stain resistant fabrics is a question worth asking.

Consult a furniture expert for all of your office furniture needs. At Commercial Environments, we work with the most innovative furniture manufacturers in the world and can tailor the perfect office furniture system for your specific workspace needs no matter the size. Just need office chairs? We can do that too. Call us today! 865-675-DESK.

Sleek, aerodynamic lines give this task chair a modern design and plenty of comfort
This task chair is an ergonomic and sophisticated solution for active work areas
This mesh task chair provides lumbar support and comfort for every person who sits in it.