Canopy Has You Covered

Canopy Has You Covered

When we asked award winning designer, Primo Orpilla, to create his idea of the perfect benching system, he told us it was something he’d been thinking about for 25 years. And during that time, the one thing he learned is that people work differently depending on their moods, the project, even the time of day. Now he had the chance to finally create a workplace system that he felt would meet all their criteria.

Since the way we normally plan space is based on a 30 x 60 workstation, Primo decided to take that measure and try to figure out what else he could design into it besides just a desk. Would a little seating arrangement fit? A conference room arrangement? Could the back be used for a team area? Could he come up with a design that would actually make each workstation an abbreviated, all-purpose office?

The answer was “yes’. And Canopy was born. With its privacy and canopy panels, collaboration and privacy could seamlessly coexist. While height adjustable work surfaces allow standing desks to peacefully mingle with desks that sit. And a cable management system would prevent its clean lines from being ruined by bundles of wires dangling under each station.

In the end, with its trimmer profile and cleaner presence, Canopy is the distillation of everything Primo knew about workplace design in a single piece of office furniture.

“Canopy’s flexibility, high functionality and malleability were designed to address today’s demanding workplace needs. It is a response to how we work today. With its simple assortment of accessories, it gives users a high degree of customization. Canopy is an incredibly adaptable system that can be configured to meet the ever-changing needs of a wide range of end users.”
— Primo Orpilla